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Your Enjoyment Hotel in Lech

Five Star Romantic Hotel Krone: Krone-Cigar Lounge 

The Romantic Hotel Krone in Lech is a homely yet elegant hideaway for enjoyment holiday makers. Within the stylish atmosphere of the Krone-Cigar Lounge you may enjoy a fine cigar along a great glass of cognac. 
Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Groucho Marx and Alfred Hitchcock: all famous cigar smokers, with Mark Twain to be said even to smoke up to 20 sticks a day! Great men and great cigars have always gone extremely well together. Was it not Christopher Columbus who discovered not only America but also the cigar? 

At Hotel Krone in Lech today's cigar smokers find a designated enjoyment area dedicated to the brown, fragrant sticks. The pleasant aroma of the fine tobacco goods lies in the air and the stylish, elegant atmosphere of the Cigar Lounge at Hotel Krone in Lech make it a popular meeting area for smokers and non-smokers alike. 

For your best cigar taste: use a match to light your favourite brown stick and ensure that your cigar burns from the outside to the inside in an even round circle. 

Holidays at the Cigar-Friendly Romantic Hotel Krone in Lech: Enjoy! 
Legend has it, that King Edward said to his male guests at the end of a dinner party, "Gentlemen, you may smoke." The same goes for guests of Hotel Krone in Lech, your elegant holiday hideaway in the heart of Lech. Yet another good reason to stay at the exquisite Arlberg hotel in Austria.

Send your online booking enquiry for a room or suite at the Romantic Hotel Krone in Lech now and look forward to lighting up your famous cigar brand during your next holidays at the Arlberg Massif.

Romantik Hotel „Die Krone von Lech“ · Familie Pfefferkorn · Dorf 13 · 6764 Lech am Arlberg · Österreich
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Romantik Hotel "Die Krone von Lech"
Familie Pfefferkorn
6764 Lech am Arlberg

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