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The Spa Facilities of Romantic Hotel Krone

Your Spa Hotel in Lech at the Arlberg 

The Hotel Krone in Lech, Austria, is your elegant, luxurious Arlberg spa hotel. The extensive spa and fitness facilities are suitable for any wellness taste: whether hot, cold, steamy, dry or sports inspired. 
All bathing beauties: do your laps in the panorama indoor pool – facing the grandiose Arlberg landscape while swimming towards the mountains. For those who want a bit more fresh air while sitting in comfortably warm waters: take a dip in the outdoor whirlpool while soaking in the amazing panoramic view. The relaxation zone offers room for rest and regeneration. 

To warm up after skiing or hiking a visit to the Lech Finnish sauna, the Vitality sauna or the Roman dry sauna is recommended. For perfectly smooth skin and great respiratory effects: explore the herbal aroma steam bath or book an appointment at the Turkish steam bath.

Tingling refreshment is to be found with the foot contrast bath – following the ideas of Father Sebastian Kneipp – a treatment that makes tired legs fit and re-energised again. 

For sun-kissed skin and that extra bit of light during the dark winter months: the solarium is at hand, helping you to prevent sunburn and leaving your skin looking healthy. 

And if your path to relaxation is via your daily workout: visit the fitness room at your spa hotel in Lech. Afterwards you can treat yourself to a healthy snack at the Tea & Vitamin Bar. 

Wellness in Lech at the Romantic Hotel Krone is a Pleasurable, Soothing Experience During Your Holidays in the Arlberg Massif. 
No matter whether you plan on coming during winter for pristine skiing at the Lech Ski Resort or during the lush green, Alpine summer for hiking, walking or golfing; the extensive wellness and fitness facilities of your spa hotel in Lech will provide a world of relaxation during your holidays in Austria. To secure your room at the Romantic Hotel Krone in Lech: send an online booking enquiry now


If carried out regularly, the solarium will prevent sunburn, leaving the skin healthy looking. It is ideal for
taking a short sunny break. Tokens are available from the beauty reception desk. 15 minutes of pampering, € 18

Relaxation Zone

As our world becomes faster, noisier and more hectic, so our need for peace and relaxation grows. We long for places of strength, where we can regenerate and recharge our batteries. Our relaxation
zone gives you a chance to find peace, vitality and energy once more. The many comfortable loungers guarantee meditative recuperation and pure relaxation.

Lech Finnish Sauna

Probably the oldest and most famous of all saunas: The Finnish classic with a temperature of approximately 90 ° Celsius and low humidity. Supervised infusions with the fragrances of spruce and native high-mountain woods as well as natural aromas enhance the sauna experience.

Vitality Sauna

The adjective vital sums up all phenomena associated with the human spirit and the interaction of the mind, body and spirit. Gain new energy and strengthen your immune system in our vitality sauna. It is
especially popular with the ladies due to the pleasant temperature of approximately 65 ° Celsius which gently invigorates the entire body. The gently alternating light effects calm the senses.

Herbal Aroma Steam Bath

Inhalation sauna at approximately 65 ° Celsius. Daily alternating herbal infusions stimulate the body and increase wellbeing. The beneficial properties of blossom on the human body have been well known since the development of Bach’s Flower therapy. Herbal and floral extracts are fed into the herbal sauna with mild steam vapours.

Turkish Steam Bath

A perspiration treatment in this bath makes the skin wonderfully soft and detoxifies and regenerates the respiratory tracts. Thanks to the pleasant temperature of approximately 47 ° Celsius, it is gentler on the circulation. The 5-20 minute session increases the flow of blood to the skin, preparing you for the massage to follow.
To make an appointment please contact the beauty desk.


Roman dry bath with a temperature of approximately 39 ° Celsius. The heat is radiated from the heated walls and floors as well as the seats. Ideal for all kinds of regeneration. The sustained slightly higher body temperature activates and strengthens the immune system.

At the same time, impurities are flushed out of the body and toxins removed. The heated, ergonomic stone seats will make you want to linger. Particularly recommended before a body treatment as the pores are opened and the flow of blood to the skin is stimulated.

Foot Contrast-Bath

Hot-cold contrast baths benefit the whole body as they improve the body‘s temperature regulation system.
Father Sebastian Kneipp combined a variety of water treatments, such as showers, ablutions, baths and wraps with light, air and exercise to promote health. Recommended after every sauna.

Panorama Indoor Pool

The panorama windows offer a view of the magnificent Arlberg landscape, bringing you very close to nature. Swim toward the mountains! Attractions such as the whirlpool, jet canons, massage jets with air bubbles, counter-current system and water geysers complete your bathing experience. You can also relax on the comfortable loungers in the conservatory.

Outdoor Whirlpool

Enticingly delightful sensation for several people. A wide range of back and foot massage jets provide tingling regeneration. An amazing panoramic view!

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